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Why I read books

I have not always been a hard core reader. I love to relax on my sofa, and watch YouTube if I have nothing to do. But, I read at least a book or two every month.

How I started

I started reading books when I was in middle school, when my parents offered me an option to read and write book reviews for money. At first, I did not enjoy reading, since I was growing in the period where Minecraft PE was the only thing everyone my age did, and I thought I did enough reading at school.

However, as I started to read some books, I started enjoying them. Initially I was delighted by business books as it made me feel better. Then, I started having interest in other genres of book like novels, where I started to really understand and feel the greatness of books. Today, I read a few pages daily and finish one book or two in a month.

Learning something

It may be obvious, but reading books also let me learn something new. I learn a lot of things from reading books, from right to wrong, including perspectives that I’ve never thought of. This is great for me to find out new and refreshing ideas and perspectives.

Live another life

I once heard someone say that reading a book is the opportunity to live someone else’s experiences in a short period of time. I believe that this is true, and it is an interesting way to experience something.

Something I want to do or am planning to do, someone else has already done it, and the processes and results are already written in a book. Thus, by reading a book, I am able to learn the lessons the authors have learnt through their experience with whatever they did, which is what I may want to do. Can I get the full experience? No. However, it is always fascinating to read other people’s life stories that I may never experience myself. Also, allows me to learn different perspectives that I would seldom thinking of.

Improve my vocabulary

My vocabulary is not perfect, and will never be. However, by reading books, I think that I am able to improve them, or at least face myself to new terms and phrases. I have a complex background with language, as I started learning English at around age 10, so my vocabulary may be poorer than those who have been learning a single language from when they were born. By reading books, I am able to cure my lack of vocabulary one by one.


In conclusion, I think that reading books is one of the best opportunities that is available for me and is experienceable for me. As mentioned, I am not an all-day reader, but I will try to continue to read whenever I feel like, and at least one a month throughout my life.