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What writing does for me.

Writing is an interesting and creative process people do. I recently started writing, and there are few reasons I find it satisfying.

I am not the best at “wordifying” ideas, especially when conversing in person, and I think that writing has allowed me to improve this skill with increased vocabulary and confidence in what I say.

My brain is not necessarily organized, but outputting it in the form of writing makes it more organized. Thus, this process allows me to know what I want to say and critically analyze my own ideas. As a result, my ideas are more clear and accurate in my mind.

Just like anything, the more I do, the more I grt used to. More I write out my ideas, I am able to smoothly and effectively process ideas and output them more often. I think this is a valuable skill in an era with exposure to a lot of information and opinions.

In all, writing feels like something I should’ve started long time ago as it’s satisfying and clarifies my thoughts. I hope this to become a long-lasting habit of mine.