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Programming Recap 2023

The year 2023 was a pivot point for me as a developer. I will mention some of the highlights I did as a developer this year.

Contributions on GitHub

This year, I’ve made several contributions to open-source projects, 1621 contributions, and have an ongoing streak of contributions since October 17.
Some significants include contributions to Dime (almost 500 stars!), and development of yumi.to, xcode-discord-rpc, OnlyNow, and OneKiji.

Hello Rust 👋

I met Rust, my current favorite programming language, earlier this year and this language has thought me the importance of memory safety, which lead to me also learn about languages like C and Assembly. I started creating a video game earlier this month, which I might work on in earlier part of 2024. For now, I think Rust will be my go-to language.

Portfolio Redesigns

I redesigned my portfolio a couple of times, and it is in my most likable state today. If you haven’t yet, go check it out here: yumiizumi.com!

“I use nvim btw”

I’ve had multiple occasions in the past where I tried switching to neovim as the main IDE of choice, however, it never lasted. This year, I started using it again and it is still with me today. I occasionally use VSCode (cannot use without the VIM extension though), but I definitely love the snappiness of neovim.


I started this blog this year. It’s a great way to organize my mind and thoughts, as well as share them to the world. Hopefully, this will be something I will continue indefinitely.

Competitive Programming

I also started programming for optimization, aka competitive programming. I started solving problems on platforms like AtCoder and LeetCode. In my opinion, this is one of the most important things I will learn as a developer since computing power and memory are primary concepts in low level computing, which is an area I have gained interest recently.