I want to make Privacy an actual fundamental human right.


I want to help the world for better. I believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. However, privacy is often not thought this way, so I want to spread the word on this topic and allow everyone to have an understanding of a fundamental right, which many; governments and companies, have been violating to. By privacy I mean the right to keep our own information to ourselves and to be able to control all of our information everywhere.

I am able to speak/write/comprehend both English and Japanese fluently. I will use this ability to share the words on privacy to English and Japanese speakers.

I was born in Japan and raised in Japan, 17 years old today. Since I was able to go to an international school, I am able to comprehend English.

I love music. My favorite band is The Beatles, yeah, just like everyone else. But they do make really good music. Here's a playlist of songs I listen to currently on Apple Music.


These are some of my projects that I have done in the past, or will do in the near future.

I have translated this website from English to Japanese, with proofreads of my friends. I did this in order to allow as many people as possible to understand why privacy is important as quickly and simply as possible.

Go to the site.

I have given a speech about privacy and it's importance at a TEDx at my school, YIS, on November 2020.

Watch my video on YouTube.

Go to the TED site.

Bluelock Org is a non-profit organization that I run that puts privacy before anything. We are planning to release a chat service which uses the Signal Protocol for end-to-end-encryption, and a social media service that will collect the least number of data from our users.

Go to bluelock.org.

Open source Disocrd Bot developed by me. This is just made for the Discord server for my school friends, so nothing really useful, at least for now.

Go to the page.

This is a tutorial on how to beat Ratatype. I made this to beat my English teacher, who types at 111 wpm, with my 50 wpm typing speed.

Go to the repository/tutorial.


Feel free to email me at me@yumiizumi.com, which uses ProtonMail, or i@yumi.to, which uses Tutanota. You can also use PGP with C3B5 578F 5C77 8C95 to encrypt your email.

My Threema ID is BCZFKM9N. My Session ID is 051e280e9fb01e560ef037ddc74dfb092f93e89c709704195622a473396b2e6a49.

I am aapl-yumi on GitHub, aapl_yumi on Twitter, aapl-yumi on Reddit, aapl_yumi on Keybase.